Certified School Nurses Association of Bucks County


Posted over 1 year ago by Alane Hemberger

Hello members,

Sadly, May 12th was supposed to be the day we had our Retirement Dinner and award our scholarships. But, as nurses always do, we will push forward and do the job at hand....and do it well. The CSNABC Board salutes all of you! You are appreciated and your students are in great hands. 

We were able to award three scholarships this year and we are so grateful for your fundraising efforts. Our winners are:

Julie Manna (Bristol Township)

Melissa Hand (Bristol township)

Rebecca Wilson (pending)

We salute our retirees and wish them all the best! (Valerie Wesolowich, Randi Semanoff and Stella Bredin) Woooohoooooooo!

Thanks again for all you do.